The Moon in her Eyes: A Witch’s Tale by Nikki Broadwell – Review by Sarah Oakes

The Moon in Her Eyes: a witch's taleThe Moon in Her Eyes: a witch’s tale by Nikki Broadwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great read about time. Emeline Chase is a witch who can travel through time. Her travels end her up in the 1620s to live with a native American tribe and fall in love with its leader, Samoset. But her abilities cause trouble and mess with time, altering events she knew . With the help of a coven, can she fix it before it’s too late?
A great read. Well developed plot. Well developed characters like Emeline trusting her abilities while struggling with her feelings or Samoset trying to protect his people despite his feelings
I loved the visual detail throughout the novel in the sense of nature with the forests in the past full of colour and animals.
And the scenes with the fountain under the moon were perfectly written with a.sense of awe and wonder Or the magical and friendly sense of the coven house with the stars was a lovely touch
The only issue I would raise is that it was sometimes hard to follow to which timeline the narrative was taking place . Perhaps a switch of perspective on Samoset or chapters with timeline names on could make this clearer. Overall, a great read and I would give it four stars .

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