The Only Series, 5 book boxed set by Bree Kraemer – Review by Robin Rankin

The Only Series, 5 book boxed setThe Only Series, 5 book boxed set by Bree Kraemer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Only Series by Bree Kraemer is a set of five books and what a gre as r series this is. I have had the pleasure of reading other books by Ms. Kraemer in the past and she hasn’t disappointed me yet. There are several hot moments throughout the series that will leave you fanning yourself. We meet several great characters who all face different challenges while falling in love.

Only By His Touch was my favorite of the five though I loved each one of the stories so much this one got to me and I think that is because strength Samantha has and shows when life decided to knock her down then kick several times while she is down. She come out on the other side stronger than everyone realized, including herself.

Only With Trust is Michelle’s story. She has been burned many times in the past and has serious trust issues due to that. She is afraid to give her heart and rightfully so but in the end the heart wants what the heart wants no matter when the brain says.

If Only is Colin’s story and I think of the guys he ended up being my favorite with Steve a very close second. His family has a history with love that not a lot of people can say they have and it slams into him the moment he sees her. Why the brain seems to shut down once a guy falls in love I will have no idea.

Only You is about Sophie getting her happily ever after, after heartbreak and watching her friends find their someone special. Sophie broke my heart a little bit and I just wanted to hug her and make it better.

In Only For Love we finally get to find out about Gretchen and see the scars she carries from her childhood. Running will not fix anything and I wish I could have told her that.

Each one of these stories touched me in a different way and saw a little piece of myself in each one of the women. Great series.

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