Venganza: The Fuentes Legacy by Greta Cribbs – Review by Krystal Gaston

Venganza: The Fuentes LegacyVenganza: The Fuentes Legacy by Greta Cribbs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Venganza: The Fuentes Legacy written by Greta Cribbs. I read book one : Primogenito last year and I’ve been waiting for Venganza. This is about the Fuentes family, with all their secrets. There is a lot going on in this book but it makes it so great, and I don’t mean a lot in the way your thinking, the Fuentes family has done a lot, have a lot of secrets and it seems like they are all coming out. Venganza is Damian and Jenn’s love story with a twist it also tells more in depth about Damian’s kidnapping and torture. Will true love win over the darkness that is the Fuentes family when someone tries to leave it.
The story will suck you from the moment you get past chapter one, the characters you have a love/ hate relationship with. They make the story unique so you love them for that but you have what they have done and who they are.

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Review by krystalgaston

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