Alive (Sundown Series Book 3) by Courtney Konstantin – Review by Emily Walsh

Alive (Sundown Series Book 3)Alive
By: Courtney Konstantin
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alive (Sundown Series Book 3) by Courtney Konstantin was a spine tingling, post-apocalyptic thriller that had me on the edge on my seat.

My first read by this author, I was pulled in by not only the cover but by the raving reviews. This book is part of a series, but you can read this one as a standalone. But I do wish I read the other books first because I believe I missed some character development and background info. But I will be going back and checking them out, because I love the world that this author has created.

I was pulled in right away, and for someone that is picking about their zombie books, I have to say I was impressed and loved every minute of this heart pounding read. I loved the attention to detail and how the author managed to instill fear into me. The suspense was thick and the situations were terrifying. I love the constant surprises and the raw emotions that the characters portrayed as the zombies closed in.

Overall this book will probably give me nightmares, so it gets my super high recommendation and of course, my stamp of approval.

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