Beneath The Surface (Gray Ghost Book 3) by Amy McKinley- Review by Emma Morreale

Beneath the Surface (Gray Ghost #3)Beneath the Surface by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off, if you haven’t read the first books, what are you doing? They’re fantastic.
Secondly, this book pulls no punches. You are immediately hit with two tragedies and not a lot of time to comprehend them before being thrown forward in time and into the next huge piece of plot. So get yourself a cup of coffee and strap in.
Hannah is a Russian sleeper agent who has been strategically placed within the Pentagon. Fate drags her kicking and screaming back into a situation with her ex, a former Navy SEAL. Jack still clearly has feelings for Hannah which doesn’t make him a very good operative but he’s only human. Hannah will let absolutely nothing get in the way of her mission, whether it be the one she has been assigned, or the one she promised herself and her sister she would complete.
The third installation of the Gray Ghost Novels is non stop action. Along with the in depth descriptions of danger and passion, this is no surprise to anyone who has read Broken Circle, Eye of the Storm and/or the prequel Moments That Define Us. Readers will enjoy deception, danger, betrayal, harrowing survival, and pure lust within this amazing series.

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