Building Storm (Hawke Family Series #4) by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Ashleigh Whitwell

Building Storm: (A Hawke Family Novel) (The Hawke Family Book 4)Building Storm: (A Hawke Family Novel) by Gwyn McNamee
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Building Storm is the fourth instalment of the Hawke Family series. Every book in this series has brought the drama and this one is no exception. I am a huge fan of this series and the characters it has created, so to say I was excited for this read is an understatement. This book has it all: drama, sexiness, love and a huge amount of emotion. I loved this story and think it is the perfect ending to the series.

At the end of the previous book, Stone Sober, I wasn’t sure how Storm was going to cope. I was excited to read her story but also nervous, as I knew it was going to be an emotional journey. Not only was she dealing with a tragic loss, she was also coming to terms with the new, difficult, relationship she has wit her brother Stone. This was one of the things I was most excited to read about, as I really couldn’t see how she would be able to forgive him and move on. Her relationships with all of her family and central to this book and I loved seeing the whole family together, especially with the inclusion of new boy, Landon! He is exactly what Storm is trying to avoid and yet the instant connection they have is crazy. He is so intense and it completely throws her, which was so much fun to read!

Aside from all the drama with the Hawke family, which there is an abundance of, Landon brings his own problems to the table. We learn pretty early on that he has some serious issues with his dad, but we don’t learn the truth of it for quite a while. I loved how well this was drawn out, as the little hints along the way had me guessing what had happened. There is a pretty dramatic ending so I won’t ruin it for you but it is the perfect conclusion to this series. I am gutted that it’s all over!

This series took me completely by surprise. From the first huge plot twist in Savage Collision, I found myself hooked on these characters and their lives. Storm’s story really hit me in the heart and I have grown to completely love her; is she allowed to be my favourite female character? This is a must read for fans of this series. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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