Finding Juniper (The Smoke Series #3) by Sadia Ash – Review by Jana Teppih

Finding JuniperFinding Juniper by Sadia Ash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finding Juniper is the third book in Sadia Ash’ Smoke series that also concludes it. I did not know that it was the third and final book when I picked it up and started reading it thinking that it is a standalone … major mistake so do yourself a favour and be smarter than me and start from the beginning! I had to put this one down and go and start with book 1!
As I said, this is the conclusion of Juniper and Kyle’s epic love story. The writer gives it to us from both of their point of views and man, if you thought that the writing was engaging in the first two books, you will see how much further the writer has evolved through the series!
Finding Juniper will pick up where the second book ended where Juniper was over and done with Kyle and it seems that this is the end to their story even though both of them still love each other … Still, when you have gone through all that those two had and you had overcome so much then you know that it simply cannot just finish like this and you simply keep your fingers crossed and wish for second chances! And you are not disappointed, Sadia Ash gives us a finale that will stay with you for a while!

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