Less You Know (Ashes to Ashes) By Rowena Holloway – Review by Laura Furuta

Less You Know (Ashes to Ashes Book 2)Less You Know by Rowena Holloway
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Less You Know: gripping suspense (Ashes to Ashes Book 2)
By: Rowena Holloway
5 out of 5 stars

The story Less You Know: gripping suspense (Ashes to Ashes Book 2) by Rowena Holloway is a psychological/mystery/suspense book. From the beginning, I felt like I had stepped onto a ride that didn’t stop until I had finished the final page. It made my heart beat faster and I had to remind myself to breathe. This story had me on the edge of my seat and wondering what was going to happen next. Charlotte Ashe is a woman who wants to uncover lies and expose those who tell them. She believes and wants to prove that Tyrone Garner is a fraud. Charlotte is someone that once she starts down a path, she is determined to get answers. She has a strong will. Allie is Charlotte’s friend and doesn’t shy away from helping her with her investigation. A little bit of spying sounds exciting. When Allie vanishes, Charlotte is desperate to find her. Will Charlotte find Allie? Is Allie still alive? Charlotte has now found herself going down a path in which more questions are being raised. Secrets about Allie are uncovered. Will Charlotte find out the complete truth about her friend? Is everything that she believes about Tyrone Garner the truth? Read this book to find out. Trying to put together what was happening and who was responsible was like working on a puzzle. There are characters whose motives and actions are questionable. Is Charlotte in danger? The story is fast paced and awesome to read. Don’t miss out on the next story in a series that will keep you guessing and turning pages. It is a book I would highly recommend reading.

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