Phoenix Rising (A Fortis Security Novel Book 7) by Maddie Wade – Review by Liz Vrchota

Phoenix Rising: A Fortis Security Novel Book 7 (Fortis Security Series)Phoenix Rising: A Fortis Security Novel Book 7 by Maddie Wade
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I have been following along on the Fortis Security series journey and so far I have not read one that I didn’t enjoy. I would recommend that you do read them in order that way you can fully understand exactly where these characters have been, are going. There is some intertwining storylines that may be a bit confusing if read out of order, but I could also see where an experienced reader wouldn’t mind reading a few out of order.

In book seven, Phoenix Rising, we follow along on the journey of Megan and Daniel. Oh Mylanta! I felt for these two so deeply! Both of them endured some horrendous traumas. Love was the last thing on their mind, but fate and life often has plans in store for us that we don’t see coming. They each have many layered and complex personalities. Daniel is a complicated man. What you see is not necessarily what he is all about. There is way more under the surface to this man. As for Megan, I just wanted to give her a squeeze several times throughout the novel. She is such a sweetheart, but she definitely can hold her own. She does struggle to find her place in this world now that she is post her trauma.

Their story will keep you on your toes between the hot and steamy love scenes that will have you fanning yourself and needing a tall glass of ice water (or wine), and the intrigue and mystery that takes place for them as well. I look forward to see what will come next in this series.

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