Unbreak This Heart by Betty Shreffler – Review by Liz Vrchota

Unbreak This HeartUnbreak This Heart by Betty Shreffler
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Fragmentized. That is how I felt so much throughout this novel. Betty Shreffler ripped my heart to pieces, the tiniest of pieces, and then she would just be ready to place the last few back in place, and *snap* there they go again. Shreffler has some amazing skills as a writer to be able to do this over and over, with ease and perfection, flawlessly, and yet she ties it all up in a neat and complete package in just under 400 pages. I must say this makes my top twenty reads of 2018, and she has become a new auto one-click author for me.

Alex, wow I just still am unsure where to start with her. I want to give her character justice without giving away anything to ruin her story for you. I will say she suffers a horrific trauma. One I can relate to, and sadly thousands can. Don’t worry, Betty Shreffler does this with care and compassion, very obviously keeping the statistics in mind. I know that feeling of never feeling like you will ever be able to recover, or feel safe again. Feeling unlovable, used. So much more. But honestly, Alex is a survivor. She is a fighter just as much as the actual MMA fighter in the novel, Carter. It is an emotional journey and I truly felt blessed to have read it.

It is on this journey to heal that she joins a self-defense class and meets the ever handsome Carter. She is hesitant for obvious reasons but that you will have to find out in the book. As the work together though the chemistry between them grow and her confidence builds. Eventually things start to blossom between the two and there may be something building on the horizon for these two in the future. Unfortunately, the past will come to pay a visit and decide that it wants another chance at Alex. What will Alex do? How will Carter react? Where will things go from here?

I absolutely adored this novel, and I can’t wait to pick up another Betty Shreffler novel! In fact that is what I am off to do as soon as I finish this review up. Thank you so much for all the feels and a great novel Ms. Shreffler!

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