Not So Broken (Love Grows Series, # 1) by Renee Regent – Review By Chantelle Smith

Not So Broken (Love Grows Series, # 1)Not So Broken by Renee Regent
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With emotions running high and some incredible characters Not So Broken, makes an incredible introduction to the Love Grows Series by Renee Regent. This is my first read from this author and now most certainly will not be my last.
This book was everything, this author has created such a real and raw storyline, and amazing characters you couldn’t help but love following their journey through this read and hoping they get the HEA they so rightly deserve.

Gib and Sacha’s journey in this book is one I completely got lost in and loved experiencing things along with characters. Both of these characters have raw and painful pasts, something they try not to let overcome their day to day life but ultimately it does and affects them in ways they didn’t really know. But with everything that happens the connection these two have is undeniable and rightfully so perfect for each other, I still can’t believe how long Sacha tries to deny it for, and how she can’t see that even through the ups and downs and rollercoasters they both face these two prove their connection is real and is meant to be.
With emotions running high for me as the reader one minute laughing and smiling the next holding back the tears, this book truly captivated me with two amazing strong, independent characters this is a story not to be missed!

I can’t wait to see what Renee Regent will bring to the rest of this series – and hope this isn’t the last of Gib & Sacha’s story!
This book is not to be missed!

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