Not So Broken (Love Grows Series) By Renee Regent – Review by Laura Furuta

Not So Broken (Love Grows Series Book 1)Not So Broken by Renee Regent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not So Broken (Love Grows Series Book 1)
By: Renee Regent
5 out of 5 stars

The story Not So Broken (Love Grows Series Book 1) by Renee Regent is a contemporary romance book. It is a story that I loved reading. One of the reasons I loved it so much is the characters of Gibson and Sacha. Gibson is a man who believes that he is broken. A tragedy has left him with memories and feelings of guilt. He has no interest in relationships. He has given up on love. Then he meets Sacha. Sacha is a woman who is intelligent, independent, beautiful, and strong. She is highly motivated and determined when it comes to making her dreams come true. There is no room for a relationship in her life right now. One night changes everything. Gibson is finding himself falling for Sacha. Sacha has never had anyone make her feel the way that Gibson does, however, she is one that guards her heart. Will Gibson be able to convince Sacha that they belong together? Will he get past the shields that she puts up? There is a connection and passion between these two. What does the future hold for them? Read this book to find out. This is a story that I just couldn’t put down. My emotions went through ups and downs right along with Sacha’s and Gibson’s. These two are being pulled towards each other. They are two people who I grew to care about and I wanted them to find happiness. Feelings/emotions are felt by both and there are steamy scenes included that make the temperature in the room rise. You are also introduced to other secondary characters who are part of the story and I enjoyed reading about the part that they play in the lives of Sacha and Gibson. There are moments that made me sad, ones that made me smile, and moments that warmed my heart. A story that you won’t want to put down until you have read the final page.

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