Shattered: The Torzial Affair Book 1 by Via Mari – Review by Jessica Ranslow

Shattered (The Torzial Affair Book 1)Shattered by Via Mari
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shattered: The Torzial Affair Book 1 by: Via Mari- Review by Jessica Ranslow

Brian Carrington knows who Jenny Torzial is, but when he meets her in person for the first time, he is confident that the night will end with Jenny in his arms and under his control. Brian’s irresistible good looks and reputation for being the heir to the Carrington Steel empire are quickly thwarted by Jenny. Unlike the other women in Brian’s life, he can not get Jenny out of his mind. When he attends an event with the hopes of seeing Jenny again, he walks in on Jenny coming face-to-face with her past and Brian is thrust into the role of protector. It is under Brian’s care that Jenny begins to heal from the demons of her past, and begins to explore her true desires. Via Mari alternates chapters between the two main characters in this face paced story of dominance and submission, the dangers of high profile society, and giving the ultimate level of trust in another person.

Via Mari had me from the first chapter and left me craving more!

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