The Memory of Us by Lisa Sorbe – Review by Julie Lounello

The Memory of UsThe Memory of Us by Lisa Sorbe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Memory of Us by Lisa Sorbe is a five star novel. I loved this novel about love, friendship, confusion and loss. Laney was a girl who had lost so much as a young teenager. Her father and brother are just two prime examples of the loss she has experienced. Many years later, when her mom dies, she ends up in her small hometown again and realizes the only love she has had, aside from her family, still lives next door. When she left after high school, she thought it was only right to let him go because she had dreams of leaving her miserable life behind and find herself again in the big city. Even her mom was a different person when she came to visit, away from the dark cloud of loss at home. Arizona Elena is trying to figure out now who she is compared to the Minnesota Laney she left behind. Hopefully she will be able to find herself as who she really is and not who she thinks people expect her to be in either of those places.

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