Shattered (Shattered Hearts Series Book 1) by Nicole Banks – Review by Jenni Bishop

Shattered (Shattered Hearts #1)Shattered by Nicole Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shattered (Shattered Hearts Series Book 1) by Nicole Banks is a great romance story that was full of emotions that are at times stifling. There is angst and fear, hurt and love, fragility and vulnerability, horror and sadness as we watch our characters reflect on the past and how it is affecting them now. The heartache and pain these characters are going through broke my heart. These two young people had been through so much in their short lives that they are so broken and realise just how much they need each other to heal. This story is told in multiple POV’s which gives us a better look at these complex yet simplistic loving young people. Nicole has done a wonderful job in taking us on this journey and has portrayed them will real feelings that make you want to take them in and hug them. Everything they feel, you feel right along with them. I also loved the banter that went on amongst this group of friends which often had me laughing along with them. Then we feel the tension and the explosive sizzle between Angel and Jas that jumps right of the page.

Jas is a former shell of herself since she went through something so horrible that it broke her and she doesn’t know how to fight her way back. The one person she needed was not there when she needed him, wasn’t there to protect her, wasn’t there to love her. But now he is back and can he be the one she needs? Can he be the one to love her and help her find her true self once again?

Angel is good at walking away and now he finds out that the one person he came home for is dealing with something that has left her broken. He so desperately wants to help her but doesnt know how and doesn’t know how to help himself. Can he truly be the man that she needs? Will he learn her secret?

I read this book in one sitting because I could not put it down. This is a great start to the series. When I got to the end of the book I wanted to slap Nicole because I need to know who, I need to know what happens and I was left hanging. Well played Ms Banks. I need the follow on book NOW!

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