The Innovator (WaterFyre Rising Book 3) by Nadia Han – Review by Beverly Finnie

The Innovator (WaterFyre Rising Book 3)The Innovator by Nadia Han
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this series! Book 3 did not disappoint! The Innovator made me intrigued of what’s to come. There’s been drama, action, and romance in all the books so far, but it’s starting to peak in book 3. The author wrote a wonderful story about the romance of 2 people, but also the collective danger lurking in the wings for all the characters throughout these books.
Book 3 is Grayson and Natalie’s story. Which definitely didn’t start off on the best foot. They argued and got under each other’s skin, at the same time those arguments made them more interested in the other.
Natalie is in Providence trying to find out why her father died and why he left her a building. Under an alias she gets a job at the Department of Public Works and Parks to see if she can dig up any info she can on The Prism. Not that it led her to anything but Grayson.
Grayson is trying to get his Three Point Park Project off the ground. One problem he needs to get his hands on The Prism building. The other problem is a beautiful blonde(Natalie) who just gets under his skin but he loves to argue with.
It’s a constant game of cat and mouse between these two. Until a bet is placed between them. That bet goes hand and hand with their attraction to one another. But what happens when they end up at The Fortress together. A getaway retreat where they are the only two occupying the space.
Do they succumb to their desires?
What happens when Natalie is threatened by her ex? Does Grayson come to the rescue?
What about the never ending threats to Grayson and his friends?
They saw something when they were teenagers that could threaten their lives and of those they love even now. Can Natalie and Grayson weather that storm?
So much going on and so many questions that come to mind. I’ll reiterate that the author wrote a wonderful story. A story that could be read as a standalone novel because of the romance, however it’s not recommended due to the drama and action. These books are all connected. Each one may focus on a different set of characters but it also focuses on the group of guys as a whole. You will have so many more questions if you don’t start at the beginning. So it’s time. You need to either start this series, trust me you won’t regret it. Or it’s time to jump into book 3 because you read books 1 & 2. The decision is yours!

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