Wish Upon a Bollywood Star by Pamela Q. Fernandes – Review by Michelle Austin

Wish Upon a Bollywood StarWish Upon a Bollywood Star by Pamela Q. Fernandes

Wish Upon a Bollywood Star was a fun 4 star read.

Soumya is excited to meet hot Bollywood Actor, Vir Seth. However she happens to overhear a conversation that he was involved in relating to how he feels about women and what their good for. This infuriates Soumya and she decides to do something to get him back.

Oh no, Soumya, you started this mess and you can damn well see it through to the bitter end. – Vir

When Vir Seth shows up at her workplace demanding she come to her boss’s office she doesn’t know what to expect. If she loses her job it was worth it. Lets just say there is a unexpected twist that she didn’t see coming, now the tables have turned.

You’re mine and before long, you’ll come to understand that. – Vir

Soumya was determined to reject Vir’s advances, however the more time they spent together her feelings were building. Does he feel the same way or is she fooling herself? How can she compete with all the beautiful women he’s used to?

I really liked Soumya and her strength in standing up for herself, she was a great strong character. Vir grew on me, at first I thought he was an arrogant man who was hung up on himself. I really enjoyed their story. The author pulls you right in with her writing and you won’t want to stop until your done, I had to see how it ended.

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