Black Bullet by L.D. Rose – Review by Lisa Helmick

Black BulletBlack Bullet by L.D. Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Black Bullet (The Order of the Senary #2)
By L.D. Rose
Rated 5 stars

I loved this the further along it got! It’s a bit slow at first but picks up and moves right along so don’t give up! After reading the last book I couldn’t wait for this one. I was curious where the author would take the story. We follow Jon who is but isn’t a vampire. He has many struggles, as the book moves forward, other than the obvious. He stumbles across another hybrid one evening. There are many surprises once he tracks down this hybrid. I have to say even I didn’t see them all coming. The author did a wonderful job not giving out too much information…so I couldn’t figure out all the secrets.

I still enjoy the camaraderie between the group of hybrids. Glad they came together and all *mostly* get along. Each has their own quirkiness and irritations. All the time spent with the whole crew is always enlightening and fun, usually some of my favorite times in the books and always makes me smile.

I can’t wait for the next book! I am wanting to find out more about Shaul, Dax, even Roman. Wait I forgot one…Kaj! These guys all will have amazing stories and I can’t wait to find what makes them tick. Next please!

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