Rivals (Mafia Elite Book 7) by Amy McKinley – Review by Amy Brennan

Rivals (Mafia Elite, #7)Rivals by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another wonderful series comes to an end. I have to tell you, I have been so in love with the Five Families throughout these novels, and how close they all are, or how close they have all become to one another. Promising protection, love, and acceptance no matter the consequences. It also opens ones eyes to the differences of folks, regardless of the fact they were all part of the same organization (so to speak.) I have been waiting with baited breath for Nico’s story, and I’m so very glad that it was the finale of the series, as it was one of the best. This author truly knows her way around a pen and a piece of paper.

Mia is in need of someone loyal, encouraging, and who offers protection when others have never done so for her in her life, at least since her Mother passed, and she feels comfortable with Nico long before even meeting him. The want to protect women from an awful end, and getting the help needed from those that we’ve grown to love and for me, obsessed with, is endearing and I’m so glad that this series ended on the page it did. I very much look forward to any and all spin off series, and anything else released by this author. Amazing, a must read novel and series for sure!

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