Rebel Heart by Clara Winter – Review by Lisa Helmick

Rebel Heart (The Immortal Kindred Series #2)Rebel Heart by Clara Winter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rebel Heart: Book Two of the Immortal Kindred Series
By Clara Winter
Rated 4 stars

At first this is a little slow. I noticed it in the last book as well. Please don’t let deter you from this….keep reading….don’t give up. It really drew me in and I wanted….no needed to know what was going to happen. It just seems there is a lot of detail (to the houses, trees and such) that I don’t really need but others might enjoy. I just want to get to the story. The talking, the feelings and the action!

Meeting Thayer…he has lived his life always thinking one way….whichever way his maker says. Once Annie enters his life he finally starts thinking along a different line. His growth through this story was wonderful. I enjoyed this guy as a character.

We met Annie in the last book and this is her story. How she came to be with Millicent and Alexandre. I am saddened by her and Alexandre’s relationship. I would have thought after 200 plus years they would have gained a camaraderie. As for Millicent I would not have realized the close friendship they had if I had not read book 1. They seemed more distant in this one. Benjamin…well I about had tears in my eyes when Annie went to visit him. Good friends are hard to find.

I highly recommend reading Deepest Midnight (Book 1) before reading this. It gives you a better idea why things are the way they are in this one. As for the ending….What the Heck? I didn’t see that coming and can’t even imagine what the next book will be about. Crazy!

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