Bound (The Torzial Affair Book 2) by Via Mari – Review by Tausha Treadway

Bound (The Torzial Affair Book 2)Bound by Via Mari
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Bound (The Torzial Affair Book 2) by Via Mari is the second book in the Torzial Affair series and you really need to read book 1 to understand this book. It’s the story of Jenny Torzial & Brian Carrington, who we met in Book 1. Jenny is a successful business woman, sexy, independent woman and Brian owns a major company and is used to women only wanting him for his money and title. Jenny and Brian are just getting to know each other and really have feelings for each other when Jenny is accused of killing her ex Ty. Ty had ties to the Mafia so they are after Jenny as well. Brian is doing everything he can to keep Jenny from spending the rest of her life in jail but money can’t buy everything. He’s also being told that Jenny is just like all the other girls and just wants him for his money. Will Jenny be found guilty of murder or will she be found innocent. Will Brian let down his guard enough to trust that Jenny really cares about him or will he believe all the lies being told about her. It’s such a good series and each book gets better. I can’t wait for the 3rd!

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