Claimed Royalty (Crowned and Claimed Series Book #1) by Betty Shreffler – Review by Angela Hayes

Claimed RoyaltyClaimed Royalty by Betty Shreffler
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Claimed Royalty is the first book in the Crowned and Claimed series by Betty Shreffler. This is a little different from the other books of hers that I have read. It is a really great romantic fantasy with some sci-fi elements woven through it. It made for a great change of ‘scenery’ and pace for me- throwing me into a wonderful ‘new’ world to explore- and introducing me to a brilliant cast of quirky characters.
Ms. Shreffler once again proves what a great author she is, by transporting me into an exquisitely detailed world which she crafted so masterfully. She builds such incredible imagery- building beautiful landscapes and weaving vividly descriptive and intricately detailed scenes. From walking the palace halls and grounds , to the excitement and action of the ‘trials’, and even horse riding – were so vivid, that I really felt as if I were right there with Fiora and Matheas as their story played out. Everything came to life before my eyes- in a completely immersive and believable way!
There are a lot of characters, lots of detail, and a lot going on- but everything is stitched together quite smoothly and seamlessly- and was very easy to read. This was such a wonderful, romantic, and sizzlingly hot read. I am never disappointed by anything Ms. Shreffler writes, as I am always completely captivated by her stories and unable to put them down.
This story was a wonderful surprise, and while it was a little slow to get going, the pace soon picked up and I really enjoyed the ride!

Thank you, Ms. Shreffler!

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