Deepest Midnight (Immortal Kindred Series Book #1) by Clara Winter – Review by Angela Hayes

Deepest Midnight (The Immortal Kindred Series #1)Deepest Midnight by Clara Winter
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Deepest Midnight is the first book in The Immortal Kindred Series by Clara Winter. This was my first read by Ms. Winter, but I am a real sucker for a good vampire story, so she had me right from the beginning. The story is a paranormal romance, with vampires, supernatural themes, suspense, action, drama, and a touch of mystery. Ms. Winter spins a captivating tale, with an original twist to the vampire theme.
Millicent has been brooding and glum for over two hundred years mourning the loss of her soulmate, even though it happened so long ago, the pain is still fresh and the loss weighs heavily on her heart- it’s like she’d lost a part of herself. So, imagine her shock when she stops to watch a as a movie is being filmed nearby, and looks into the face from her past. The actor is the spitting image of her long lost lover. Is her grief-stricken mind playing tricks on her? Is this a freaky coincidence, or could he really be the same man? Join Millicent, Alexandre, Annie, and Jack to find out all the captivating details for yourself.
This was a great story, with wonderful paranormal elements crafted in such a way that they were entirely believable. The whole story ‘came alive’ before my eyes, and that comes down to the authors talent for spinning a great story. I am really looking forward to the next book, “Rebel Heart’.

Thank you, Ms. Winter!


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