Feathers: A Novel by Kylie Stewart – Review by Angela Hayes

Feathers: A NovelFeathers: A Novel by Kylie Stewart
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“I vowed never to trust another man as long as I lived, but Hawk had begun to break down that promise. He was good. Kind. And for the first time, I really believed that everything would be okay.”


Feathers: A Novel is an incredible story by the very talented Kylie Stewart. This story took me on a journey I won’t soon forget, scrambling my emotions along the way. The story has a dark edge to it, especially in the beginning. There is lots of pain, feelings of betrayal, hopelessness, and fear- then some rays of light and sense of hope appear. With plenty of chemistry, angst, passion, and of course romance- this story had me hook right till the end.
Charlotte Waters has endured something that no one should ever have to experience, especially a child. She was sold by her drug- addicted mother’s low-life boyfriend- to a gang who kept her captive for a year, treating her deplorably- she was living a nightmare existence- before she was finally ‘brought’ and released from that hell.
It’s then that she meets Hawk McLean, who has his own baggage- but who also ignites a spark deep within her. These two develop a connection that transcends all bounds. I really won’t disclose more than that, because it would spoil the story for you, I really recommend diving in, and letting the author and story weave their magic- it’s well worth the read!
The story is very emotive- sweeping me through the whole spectrum of emotions- and keeping me on tenterhooks the entire time. I really felt for Lottie and what she had endured. I admired her strength, bravery and resilience- she was so much stronger than she believed. I was rooting for her/them the whole way through. There were some really sweet, tender, and touching scenes- and a whole lot of sizzle. I loved the ‘meaning’ behind the ‘Feathers’, and the fact that fate put these two on a collision course- to teach each other to ‘fly’ . The characters were just superb!!
I can’t wait to read ‘Wings’ when it releases!

Thank you, Ms. Stewart!


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