Grave Digger Academy (Grave Digger Academy Book 1) by C.A. King – Review by Moriah Venable

Grave Digger AcademyGrave Digger Academy by C.A. King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Makayla applies to several schools and hopes to be picked for the school she really wanted to attend. Unfortunately, she gets accepted into Grave Digger Academy, the school where no one wants to attend.

She faces the school year not only with the disappointment of her family hanging over her but she must also face it by herself.

Not much excitement concerning the curriculum with it mostly consisting of spells needed to ensure that the dead stay dead. But Makayla soon finds out secrets involving her family.

The title of this caught my attention. It just seems different from other Young Adult novels. A school where students learn spells to guarantee that the decrease stays that way? I am a sucker for novels set in schools. It just gives me this gothic vibe.

I really like Makayla as a protagonist, especially her optimism. I look forward to reading how she grows as a character.

This is a short read but it definitely leaves me wanting to know more. I saw there were two other novels in this series so I am excited to start them.

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