Gone Country (Gone in Love) by Katrina Marie – Review by Amy Brennan

Gone Country (Cousins Gone #1)Gone Country by Katrina Marie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have never hidden nor denied the fact that my heart and soul belong in the countryside. I was born and raised in the ‘county’ and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have spent my fair share of living in cities, but it’s never really felt like home. This novel really revolves around the mixed feelings that Stella feels when it comes to moving from her big home city of Austin, to a small little Podunk town of Asheville. Not only is she leaving the hustle and bustle, but also her cousins, which she describes are more like sisters in every capacity. I truly enjoyed getting to know Stella, as well as understanding her bond with her cousins Audrey, and Tiffany. Katrina Marie does an amazing job at incorporating the importance of girlfriends, as well as being able to own the independence that lays beneath the surface.

Now, Johnny, on the other hand, sounds like my type of man! The perfect gentleman, but has that alpha side to him that just, for lack of a better description, makes me, and obviously Stella, swoon. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters and being able to really picture the scene where the story is set, and the small town ‘family’ that Stella is welcomed into almost immediately. Of course, it’s not always super easy, and people have history, and past relationships, which Stella and Johnny navigate as best they can, especially within such a whirlwind romance. Overall, though predictable, while reading this novel, I had a smile on my face, enjoying all the emotions, and the experience itself. Looking forward to reading more by Ms. Marie!

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