Winter’s Wolf (The Cursed Series Book 1) by Lou Grimes – Review by Kerry Carr

Winter's Wolf (The Cursed, #1)Winter’s Wolf by Lou Grimes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story. Its full of secrets and adventure.

Louvette has always been seen as a trouble maker. She has been kicked out of more schools that you can think of and she thinks everything is lost.

Until Thomas Hallows arrives and explains to Louvette and her mum Sarah that her grandfather has passed and it has left Louvette the soul heir to the Blackwood fortune.

After her father abandoned them Sarah wanted nothing more to do with the family however this new start is just what they needed so they head there.

When they get there Louvette discovers that her dad’s side of the family holds a lot of secrets. The main on being her being a Lupin. With the help of her boyfriend Arsen who is also a wolf shifter she learns how to control her wolf and to shift.

Things start to look up for her until people start trying to hunt her down. Can she escape the people trying to find her? Can she solve the mystery of her dad’s disappearance and her grandfathers murder? And is everyone who seems out to help really who they seem to be or is there someone who shouldn’t be trusted.

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