Eight Steps: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Taylor Sullivan – Review by Michelle Austin

Eight Steps to Alpha (Nerdy by Nature, #1)Eight Steps to Alpha by Taylor Sullivan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eight Steps to Alpha was a fun 4 star read.
This is a good friends to lovers romance.

Elli wants a certain someone to notice him, so he asks his best friend Fe to help him. He wants to be just like the men in the books Fe reads, an alpha. They have a month to get him ready, will they be successful? Can he get the girl he wants?

I’m tired of being the nice guy. I want to be that guy. The guy they have fantasies about. Just once. Elli

Fe creates a list of steps for Elli to complete. I had so many LOL moments as these two went through the steps. Something else starts to happen as well, they are starting to feel a connection that is drawing them even closer. Will they realize the connection before it’s too late?

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I really liked both Elli and Fe, the secondary characters were good also. Taylor Sullivan does a great job of pulling you in with her writing. Watching the friendship grow through the story was great, you felt like you were right there with them. I look forward to reading more from Taylor.

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