Eight Steps: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Taylor Sullivan – Review by Stefanie Carney

Eight Steps to Alpha (Nerdy by Nature, #1)Eight Steps to Alpha by Taylor Sullivan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eight Steps by Taylor Sullivan is not a difficult book to predict. You know how it’s going to end (that’s one reason why I picked it) but that doesn’t ruin the joy of the journey. It’s books like this that make me remember why the romance genre is much needed in my world. I love to sit back and escape my life for a little while and this book helped me accomplish that easily. I was swept away by the easy flow of the writing, the story line that made me smile more times than I ever could have imagined and the characters, Elliot and Fe who actually made me cry a little. Being somewhat of a nerd myself, I could relate to these two and I appreciated that. This book is perfect if you want to recharge for a bit, if you want to change genres for a while or are just looking for something to brighten up your day.


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