Eight Steps: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Taylor Sullivan – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Eight Steps to Alpha (Nerdy by Nature, #1)Eight Steps to Alpha by Taylor Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eight Steps is a deliciously intense love story by Taylor Sullivan. A story that just left me breathless and desperate for more. As far as friends to lovers romances go, this was one of the best I have read. So riveting was these words, I read it in one go. These characters were so endearing,  so charismatic, it was hard to put their story down.

Elliott and Fe were best friends. Dorky Elliott was thrust into Fe’s hands to give him a new look. The almost non existent flame of arousal, passion and realisation was slow moving, the tension was so palpable, it was felt long after the book ended. So intense, every muscle in my body was pulled taut, ready to snap at any moment. If you love slow intensity love stories, then this story is one you must read. NOW. A riveting, emotional tale of exquisite discovery and soul deep feelings of love. 5 stars.

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