His First Lady by Avery Scott – Review by Angela Hayes

His First LadyHis First Lady by Avery Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


His First Lady by Avery Scott is a very sweet and easy to read story that takes place during a presidential campaign. It was such an interesting premise, and the blurb really did intrigue me- then add the sexy cover and I was sold. I did enjoy the story, but it didn’t grab me quite as hard as I was hoping for. The story is good, it is well written, but it was a little predictable and just lacked the intensity and added drama, or some suspense- which would have elevated it to the next level for me.
Michael Reese is a senior congressman from Kentucky and Presidential candidate on the campaign trail. He is twice divorced, with a bit of a reputation as a lady’s man. His campaign manager is worried that the people’s perception of his love life could affect his chances come the election. So, it is decided that he will need to find a ‘First Lady’ to stand beside him through the campaign. Someone who will help him seem more appealing to the voters. It can’t be just anyone, and most importantly it will need to be someone he can trust. That’s where his new speech writer, Kendall Bailey comes into the picture. She’s perfect for the ‘job’, and so Michael makes a deal with her that will help them both. But can they maintain a professional arrangement when their chemistry gets in the way? And with the world watching, the pressure is on. Things may not quite go according to plan? So, what happens you may ask? Well, if you like a sweet story, with just a little drama, great characters, and a fairly ‘clean’ storyline (i.e. fade-out intimate scenes) – then you should dive in and discover all the lovely details for yourself.
I would love to have given this book a higher rating, and debated about what rating to give it- part of me was leaning towards 3 stars because it just didn’t have all the ingredients that I would’ve loved it to have had, and which would’ve made it far more memorable for me,  and make it stand out from the crowd. I really wanted to know more about the characters too- such as their ages, as well as more of their backstories.
But overall, it was definitely a light and fun read.
Looking forward to seeing what Ms. Scott does next.

Thank you, Ms. Scott!

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