If The Shoe Fits (The Liberty Lawrence Series, #3) By Bea Stevens – Review by Laura Furuta

If The Shoe Fits... (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book #3)If The Shoe Fits… by Bea Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If The Shoe Fits… (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book #3)
By: Bea Stevens
5 out of 5 stars

The story If The Shoe Fits… (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book #3) by Bea Stevens is the next amazing book featuring the loveable fashionista Liberty “Libby” Lawrence. It is a story that has humorous dialogue and a storyline that will hook you in and keep you reading until you finish the last page. Reading about Libby is like catching up with a friend, one with wonderful fashion sense and the ability to say things as they are. While Libby doesn’t always mean to her suggestions or comments are sometimes taken the wrong way. In this story, Libby finds herself with a dream job in the fashion section of ‘Woman Matters’ the Chronicles female supplement. She also finds herself with Valerie Fulton-Coombes as her boss. Valerie comes across as a boss more worried about reputation than anything else. Will she affect Libby’s career in the fashion section? Quinton Bellis is a man whose fashion collection seems to be of poor quality however has caught the eye of Valerie. Is Bellis all that he seems to be? Will James be able to find out the one who would threaten harm to Libby? How much danger is Libby in? Can James keep her protected? Read this book to find out. There are other characters that you read about and some such as Libby’s amazing best friend and her boyfriend James have been brought forward from the previous books. I loved the romance included in the story. There is also a feeling of family and home that shines through. This is a book that had me smiling, laughing out loud, and with a heartwarming feeling. There are also times when I wondered what would happen next. Slip on your Louboutin’s and get lost in Libby’s story. It is a book and series I highly recommend reading. I am hoping for and will be watching to see if there is another story.

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