Pandora’s Poison (Hart & Cole, #2) by Sacha T.Y. Fortune – Review by Carrie Reed

Pandora's Poison (Hart & Cole Book 2)Pandora’s Poison by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pandora’s Poison by Sacha Fortuné
Hart & Cole Book 2
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

WOW! She did it again!! Sacha is killing me with these books! I loved the second book in this series just as much, if not more than the first book. Again it was a rough start for me but as I kept going the story got more and more intense! I would definitely recommend reading the first book before tackling this one, as it gives insight to the characters in the second book.

In this story we get to see Darren and Luisa’s lives, and how the events in the first book are affecting them as a family and married couple. I love that the story is told in both point of views, this way I can get a feeling for both characters and how they are feeling and what they are thinking.

Luisa makes me so mad. She is irritating and not in control of her feelings. Do you love your husband of 12 years enough to fight for your marriage and try to overcome all the obstacles you have faced together? Would you rather sneak around with the man you had an affair with 4 years ago and ruin any chance at keeping your family together? She goes on and on about how she loves her husband and then when he sticks around even through her infidelity, because he does love her and want to keep his marriage together not only for him but the kids as well, but she continually throws Nicole in his face and then still tries to hide her relationship with Gianni. She doesn’t hide her relationship so much as the relationship is now out in the open, but she keeps their conversations private and to me that is still terrible because of Gianni’s feelings for her.

Darren is not innocent in all of this, but he is still pretty bad off. From the first book we know he is in love with Nicole even though he won’t admit it to himself. It does irritate me that he continually thinks about her and has the nerve to complain about Luisa’s actions. I hated how he kept saying Nicole was the one who ruined his marriage when really it was his own fault as well as Luisa’s and they dragged Nicole and Chris into their mess. In the end Darren gives Gianni a proposition and I am overly excited to see how it all plays out.

Overall this series has been a completely fantastic read. The length of the books kind of threw me off at first but, I promise reading this series all the way through will be totally worth it. I finished this book in 2 days and was devastated when it ended. I will be eagerly awaiting the 3rd book.

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