Rules of Engagement: A Single Dads Romance (Platonically Complicated, #3) by Mika Jolie – Review by Michelle Mulvey

Rules of EngagementRules of Engagement by Mika Jolie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mika Jolie….nothing more is needed. I have NEVER read a book by her I haven’t loved. This is no different. The written was perfect, the characters were great and the story was 5+ stars!

I really couldn’t say anything bad about this book. Lucas has custody over his daughter Emma. She means the absolute world to him. He would do anything to keep things justbthe way they are. His ex wife is back and wants to take him to court for custody saying he’s an unfit parent and he has different women around him all the time.

His best friend’s sister who happens to be one of his best friends poses as his fake fiancé. The only problem is, Lucas is extremely attracted to Kate and she has started in some of his hottest fantasies over the last year. Since Kate and Lucas are so comfortable around each other, it’s easy to pretend. They even kiss in public to make it known. However, Kate’s brother isn’t to happy about this plan. Before long, Kate and Lucas are sending flirty texts and then Lucas sends Kate a picture he normally wouldn’t send someone. One thing leads to another and they end up making a deal of what they are willing to do during their fake engagement.

The only rule is, they cannot fall for each other. What are the chances of that happening between now and a week from now when Lucas has to go to court? I say very likely!!! Will this ruin their amazing friendship they have had for over two decades or will they both be able to get past it?
Such a great book!!!

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