Vortex by Kimberly Packard – Review by Angela Hayes

VortexVortex by Kimberly Packard
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WOW! I don’t quite know what I was expecting from this book when I started it, except that I knew it would be good, just as all Ms. Packard’s other books have been- but this far and away exceeded all my expectations and then some. Vortex by Kimberly Packard has just become one of my top 5 reads this year! I know that there is still a lot of the year to get through, but I am certain that come December, it will still be part of the top reads of the year- it’s just that compelling, edgy, mysterious, intriguing, and completely riveting!! I couldn’t put it down, reading the whole book in a matter of hours, but also at the same time, not really wanting it to finish. This would make a brilliant movie- and I would love to read more about Elaina (and Seth’s) storm chasing adventures in the future!! Hint, hint, Ms. Packard 😊.
The story was quite an exhilarating ride and took me on an adventure that I won’t soon forget! There is suspense, action, drama, danger, mystery, tension, twists, surprising developments, tornadoes, family relationships, secrets, self-discovery, storm chasing, second chances, betrayal, loss, a little romance, and sooo much more.
I am most definitely addicted to Ms. Packard’s stories, with her Phoenix series amongst my favourite reads- but this one, seemingly unassuming book (to look at), has trumped them all! Ms. Packard orchestrated this story like a world-class maestro would a symphony, building the tension and intensity the whole way through- before finally reaching the zenith with a massive crescendo of adrenaline inducing, edge of your seat action. Much like a building storm I watched as all the elements melded together, roiling and surging- quite unpredictably, while holding me in complete anticipation and expectation- the whole way through.
This is such a well thought out story, with intricately detailed elements and descriptions, full of intriguing tornado (storm) facts and information that really helped to set the mood and tone of the overall story. The intricately woven story is full of inter-connected details that showcase just how brilliant a storyteller (and writer) Ms. Packard really is! The story is told from several POV’s which added a lot of interest and gave the story more depth, drama, and intrigue.
Highly Recommended reading!

Thank you, Ms. Packard!


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