A Person Could Disappear Here by Terri George – Review by Emily Walsh

A Person Could Disappear HereA Person Could Disappear Here
By: Terri George
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Person Could Disappear Here by Terri George was a raw realistic read, that will have you second guessing what you believe to be true, and have you wondering what you would do in Abbey’s shoes.

My first read by this author, and I have to say I’m going to be adding them to my watch list. This story was a tough one, it’s as I said, raw, emotional and has many grey areas. It makes you think, and it showcases the dangers of grooming and stockholm syndrome. It’s easy to judge when you’re not the one in the situation. Terri Geros did a wonderful job with this book, talented you can tell heavy research went into this read.

Told in dual POV, we not only get Abbey’s journal like entries we get her best friends Cristina’s. She truly shone and was a major driving force in this story. Relentless, nothing was going to stop her, and I loved that strong friendship and love. I liked how Addy’s story was told through the journal like entries, it felt more personal, and it makes you connects on a deeper level. It’s helps with the outside looking in, and it adds a layer of complexities to the plot, instead of you’re normal, disappear and find, type mysteries.

Overall this book is a super high recommendation from me, and it gets my stamp of approval. You will not regret this read, even if some parts will be harder to read then others, but that realism, that real world situation, makes this book more than a must read, but a necessity. It highlights the dangers that surround social media, fake personas, and how easy it is to completely have someone fall head over heels, not knowing what hells await.

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