Back in the Ring (The Predator Series, #4) by Brooke May – Review Lisa Helmick

Back in the RingBack in the Ring by Brooke May
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Back in the Ring by Brooke May
Rated 4 stars

The story seemed nice. I liked the idea of her trying to keep the dream from her husband alive. This was slow moving and there is a lot of inner speculation. I enjoy reading a story with more dialogue and little less description and inner thoughts. I sadly spend some time skimming. We spent quite a bit of time getting to know Bijou. Her life, her family and her struggles. Wait…i don’t want to forget the tree… i liked that idea a lot. Not so much information on Noah. Unless he is in the other stories he was an enigma. I really struggled with how quickly the relationship of the two MC’s moved forward. It felt wrong to me. Maybe if he had showed up in the book sooner but he wasn’t a main fixture until she needed help. But then I guess that rules out the insta-love they shared. So maybe the timing was right.

Let’s talk kids. Claire was different. At times she was the annoying tween. Other times it’s like she was the adult. Even though Holder didn’t have many scenes..he was a cutie. The other secondaries were good but I felt Mara was over the top. Maybe if she was a single friend i could see her acting that way. Although at the end I loved what she did to the reporters.

So this is the fourth book in this series and it can be read as a stand alone. I have not read the previous stories and had no problem following the storyline.
The story was good and had a nice idea behind it. I easily moved right through it.

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