Blade’s Edge: Satan’s Devils MC #10 by Manda Mellett – Review by Michelle Austin

Blade's Edge (Satan's Devils MC #10)Blade’s Edge by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blade’s Edge was a great 5 star read and book 10 in the Satan’s Devils MC series.

I became an adult with a hatred of authority, and a deep suspicion of women. I didn’t trust either.

This is Blade’s story, he is the enforcer for the MC and we get a look into his past and get to know the man much better and discover what drove him to want to be an enforcer, I found myself pulled in by him.

Blade and the prospect end up running off what they thought was a hungry vagrant. But fate would bring this woman back into his life and cause him to reveal a secret he’s held for over 18 years. What is it about this woman?

Tash is running for her life, the best way to stay out of sight is to live on the streets. This is where she meets Tommy, and what a big sweetheart he was. When Tash and Tommy are attacked, Tommy goes to the people that Tash told him helped her, Enforcer and Prospect.

Can Blade and the MC help Tash? Or will they end up taking her back to the man she is fleeing from?

There is so much more to this great read. All of the characters were great and I loved Tommy so much, I know someone like Tommy and I understood him so much. All of the MC’s guys were great with him as well even though they are tough as nails bikers. Tash and Blade were great as well, she was perfect for him once he let her in. I have to say this is my favorite from this series so far and I look forward to reading more. Please give me more Tommy. This is a must read series.

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