Devil’s Backbone (Wild Beast Series Book 5) by T. Birmingham – Review by Tausha Treadway

Devil's Backbone (Wild Beasts Series Book 5)Devil’s Backbone by T. Birmingham
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Devil’s Backbone ( Wild Beast Series Book 5) by T. Birmingham. This is the story of Benjamin Oliver and Tess Thompson. Ben is always the strong, take charge and keep everyone else together guy. So when he starts to feel unsettled, he’s thrown off. With missing persons cases popping up all over he’s sent back to the only place he called home, Dunham. Tess Thompson has spent her life in hiding from the people who were supposed to love her therefore she likes, books and her pet lizard Todd better than people. Her only friends consist of James, the damaged other and Annie who has a trial of boyfriends and drama a mile long. When she stumbles upon a dead body and thinks she knows them. Ben & Tess work together to try to solve the murders and missing persons cases. Will they find the killer before its too late and will they find each other on the way? Read Devil’s Backbone to find out.

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