Devil’s Backbone (Wild Beasts Series Book 5) by T. Birmingham – Review by Erin Wolf

Devil's Backbone (Wild Beasts Series Book 5)Devil’s Backbone by T. Birmingham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give Devil’s Backbone (Wild Beasts Series Book 5) by T. Birmingham, 4 stars.
*This review may contain spoilers from previous books in series.*

Tess had an absolutely horrible start to her life. Luckily, was able to escape all that. But she has been hiding ever since. Life is better for her this way. She has her books and her friends. That is all she needs. But they don’t really know the real her. She shows them what she wants them to see. Except for Ben. Her best friend, she feels for him like no other. But she can’t let herself feel more.

Ben feels lost. He has always been a protector. With his sister gone, he feels like he failed. Sure, he. Cares about Tess, but the quiet, shy girl doesn’t seem to feel the same. Should he go ahead and tell her once and for all how he really feels? When body parts are found in the around where Tess lives, Ben is sent to help and protect. This gives him new purpose. Can help find out who is behind this? Does he get a chance with Tess?

This is a good paranormal romance with plenty of action. It takes two people who each have their issues, and gives them a chance to become something greater. This is a great formula for an interesting read. But the story doesn’t stop there. There are horrible things happening all around and the culprit may be closer to home than anyone thinks. This part really makes this book so much better. The characters are great — Tess just may be my favorite so far. Plus it shows that they can grow from what they once thought of themselves.

This is a great story and I highly recommend this book and series to those who like creatures, romance, and action all in one book.

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