Happily Ever After? An Italian relationship (The Italian Saga Book 6) by Gaia B Amman-review by Dawn Daughenbaugh

Happily. Ever After?: An Italian Relationship. (The Italian Saga Book 6)Happily. Ever After?: An Italian Relationship. by Gaia B Amman
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  1. 5 Star
    Happily Ever After? : An Italian Relationship ( The Italian Saga Book 6) By Gaia B Amman is a wonderfully written Book that once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. I felt like I was on a emotional rollercoaster ride with my emotions they were all over the place. Sergio is a man who is determined to make Leda his and only his.These two have serious attraction to one another Leda is a young woman who is smart ,she has plans for her future and she has it bad for Sergio.I found myself angry at both of them but Sergio more find out what happens with these two.i highly recommend reading this book. It grabs you up from the beginning and its hard to put down.View all my reviews
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