Hazed (The Hazed Series Book 1) by Brittany Butler – Review by Gail Guerrero

Hazed (The Hazed Series Book 1)Hazed by Brittany Butler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hazed (The Hazed Series Book 1) by Brittany Butler

Four Stars

Shock is too tamed of a word for how I feel right now. Hayze is bad the guy your parents tell you to stay away from. The boy that gets you hooked and then leaves you. But that’s just the surface of Hayze. Taylor sees that deep love and vulnerability inside him. Taylor makes him want to be and do better. I liked how Taylor still kept a flare of innocence about her. Yes she is breaking out of her shell but she is playing it smart. I’m not sure how she survived her father but I loved how she handled him. The author gives you a lot to think about in this story. How far is too far? Can you really trust someone after so many lies? When do you give up on them? I need to read book two asap because Hazye is low key a mad man.

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