Home Is Where the Heart Is (The Wilder Sister Series Books 1-5) by Melissa Keir – Review by Angela Hayes

Home Is Where the Heart Is: The Wilder SistersHome Is Where the Heart Is: The Wilder Sisters by Melissa Keir
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Home Is Where the Heart Is contains all five books in The Wilder Sisters Series by Melissa Keir. These five novella length stories each focus on one of the Wilder Sisters, they are contemporary romances that range in content from second chance/friends to lovers, finding love with a summer fling, a Christmas Miracle, a wounded warrior romance, and even a bit of a romantic suspense. They all have that wonderful small-town romance feel to them, which gives them added charm. There is also some drama, fun, and spice that made this quite an engaging read. From the lovely cover, to the interesting and somewhat quirky characters, these sweet stories tick all the boxes and have everything you would want in a great read. Ms. Keir has a warm, easy, and inviting style that pulls you in, and easily holds your attention, the whole way through.

The stories are:


Forever Love (Book #1):
Syndie Wilder (Syn) and Thom Johnson (TJ) were childhood best friends and then high school sweethearts, until heartache caused Syn to flee for the big city. Now, 15 years later, Syn has come home to care for ailing father. A walk on the beach brings her face to face the man who broke her heart all those years ago. Their chemistry is definitely still there, and TJ is determined to prove they belong together. But can she trust her heart to him a second time? This is a very quick, easy, sweet, and romantic story about second chances and finding Forever Love.


Beach Desires (Book #2):
Stacey Wilder and Mandy Kenzie meet unexpectedly on vacation. The attraction is instant and intense. But they both have issues about their sexuality that come into play. What happens when Stacey’s ex turns up out of the blue? Will it put a stop to the budding relationship? If they decide to give their love a chance, will their long-distance relationship survive? This F/F romance is another sweet, erotic and interesting addition to the series.


A Christmas Accident (Book #3):
The tale Sherri Wilder-Davidson and her husband Adam (Davidson) are expecting a baby. They are so in love and can’t wait for their child to be born. With Christmas around the corner, Sherri is determined to spend it with her ailing father. Christmas has always been special to Sherri and Adam, and family is important to Sherri, especially now that the baby is due. But everything is put on hold when an accident puts her love, and their future in jeopardy. All she can do is pray for a Christmas miracle. Will her prayers be answered? This is the most emotional and touching story of the series. Even though this is such a short story, there is nothing lacking in the contents- as it packs quite an emotional punch. There are heart-wrenching moments, as well as touching and tender scenes. The thread of hope, faith, power of love, life & death, and miracles really sets this story apart. My favourite of the series for sure. Make sure you have tissues on hand for this one!


Coming Home (Book #4):

Shevonne Wilder has returned home after serving in Afghanistan. She is battle-scarred in more ways than one- after her injuries left her in the dark. Jackson Gambish has a bit of a player reputation, and thought all he wanted was a fling. But now he just wants her.
When Shevonne’s father goes missing, these two are thrown together and will need to rely on each other through it all. Will fate give them a chance at love, or will their insecurities, issues and the stress of the situation destroy their budding relationship?
This was a very quick, easy and engrossing story. It did feel a little rushed at times. But that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of it.


Holiday Homecoming (Book #5):

Sheryl Wilder returns to Amherst, bringing danger and suspense with her. She’s had a difficult time- but hasn’t confided in her family. When she meets Tanner Watts, a single father, things finally look brighter for them both. But danger isn’t far away and puts their blossoming romance to the test. Will they, and their love survive? This was the most suspenseful of the series, and I loved that about it. A worthy addition to the series, for sure. Well worth the read!



This book contains some sweet romances, great chemistry, emotion, tight-knit family bonds, fun, funny banter, and soooo much more. The stories are short enough that you can easily read one, or all, in a single sitting. I was laid low with the flu and this book was easy for my muddled mind to read and enjoy. I didn’t have to concentrate or think too hard- but the emotional content, romance and storylines all pulled me in.
Now I can’t wait to pick up my next read by Ms. Keir- I know I will be in good hands!

Thank you, Ms Keir!


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