If The Shoe Fits (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book 3) by Bea Stevens – Review by Carrie Reed

If the Shoe Fits... (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book 3)If the Shoe Fits… by Bea Stevens
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If the Shoe Fits by Bea Stevens
Book 3 in The Liberty Lawrence series

Book three is just as great as the first two books! It seems Libby finds trouble no matter where she goes or what she does, which makes for an excellent read. You could read this as a standalone but I highly recommend reading all 3 books, you won’t be sorry.

After leaving book 2 I was nervous for James and Libby’s relationship, and although it seemed as if everything was on track, this book made me have some doubts for a minute due to the situations both were put in.

Libby finally gets to move departments and join the Woman Matters supplement for the paper she works for. She is extremely excited and from then on starts messing up royally when it comes to her new up tight and snotty boss. Poor Libby just doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. She also has to deal with Suzanne, James’ ex wife all of the sudden moving into his flat which puts some tension in their relationship. On top of everything else she starts getting threatening text messages.

When her new boss Valerie makes a bad deal with a shady man claiming to be the head of a clothing line, it is Libby and her new position that discovers he is a fake and a scam artist. Along with her best friend Cassie they determine who the fraud is and all the connections it has to Valerie, Libby’s past run ins and weirdly enough Suzanne.

Overall a great read! I didn’t want to give too much away because some parts i was surprised at what happened and who was behind it. I would not be opposed if there were a 4th book in this series. I love Libby’s character and reading about her relationship with James and all the drama she gets mixed up with.

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