Little Do You Know (Bayou Devils MC series book 5) By A.M. Myers – Review by Sue Kemp

Little Do You Know (Bayou Devils MC 5)Little Do You Know by A.M. Myers
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Little Do You Know
By A.M. Myers

Little Do you Know is the fifth book in the Bayou Devils MC series by A.M. Myers. I do recommend that you read the whole series even though it is possible to read the individual books as standalones. This book is no different to the other books in this series very well written, so much so the book just flows so beautifully and that makes it a lovely enjoyable read. A.M. Myers has such a wonderful way of telling her stories that you get lost in the storyline pretty much after the start of the book. This book is centered around Kady and Noah. Kady has captured Noah’s heart since they were in the sixth grade, but due to a run going wrong for the MC Noah finds himself in jail for seven years. During those seven years he has not heard from Kady and now he just wants to gain his freedom so he can find her and be with the only lady that still holds his heart. These books hold loyalty from the brotherhood, some love but with love comes some heartbreak to. I doubt you very much will only be able to read one book from this series, so why not just start at the beginning and work your way through.

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