After Wrath (The Deadliest Sin Book 2) by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Emily Walsh

After Wrath (The Deadliest Sin Series Book 2)After Wrath
By: Gwyn McNamee
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

After Wrath (The Deadliest Sin Book 2) by Gwyn McNamee was a dark, twisted read, that weirdly had me hooked.

Taking place in the aftermath of the first book, we’re once again taken on a war path of crime, rage and powerful dark love. I was captivating right away, just like the first book, the dark tones, the lust, the powerful characters are something to behold, and something that will hook you in seconds. I’ve never been one to read mob type books, but this fast, exciting read, was different. As they are around 100 pages, the story moves fast, there’s no fluff, no distractions to take away from the plot, but it doesn’t skip on the detail or character growth. These books pck a powerful punch, and managed to get under your skin and ignite the feels.

Overall this book is a must read, and I highly suggest reading the first book, as you won’t get the full effect of this one without it. So please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval, that you will not be able to book this book or this series, down.

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-Review by @eawalsh

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