Pandora’s Price (Hart & Cole Book 3) by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné – Review by Robin Rankin

Pandora's Price (Hart & Cole Book 3)Pandora’s Price by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pandora’s Price by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné is the third book of the Hart & Cole series and the second part of Luisa and Darren’s story.

There were times while reading that I got dizzy with everything happening with everyone.

Darren isn’t a bad guy, he can be a controlling jerk at times but I don’t think he ever sets out to hurt anyone, especially his wife and children. But just because he doesn’t intend for it to happen it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen.

Luisa should have expressed her feelings on Nicole and everything else she kept buried a lot sooner than she did. That negative/hurt just kept feeding on itself and kept her from having a good, productive conversation and relationship with her husband.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series and hope that one day Lee will get to tell his story. There is something deep within him that needs to come out.

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