The Woman America Loves a Latte by Holly Tierney-Bedord – Review by Angela Hayes

The Woman America Loves a LatteThe Woman America Loves a Latte by Holly Tierney-Bedord
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The Woman America Loves a Latte by Holly Tierney-Bedord is a wonderful, intriguing story that pulled me in and held my attention from beginning to end. I have enjoyed exploring Ms. Tierney’s works, and have read most of them now- this story is definitely among my favourite reads of hers.
Veloura (Vee) hasn’t had things easy in life. She really needs a bit of luck on her side. In a case of mistaken identity, she ends up with her dream job- as the “face” for Caprice Cappuccino chain. It couldn’t have come at a better time- so with a guaranteed pay-check and a gas and food allowance, she sets off on her cross-country advertising campaign/adventure. But we soon find that trouble isn’t too far behind.
This is such a great story. The author has written it extremely well and was quite detail oriented in her story. There’s plenty of intrigue, some mystery, suspense, drama, and more. There is quite a lot happening in the story, and I found it to be a very quick read.
The characters were all fully developed and realistic- with their own individual, if not quirky personalities.
I wonder what Ms. Tierney-Bedord has in store for us next?

Thank-you, Ms. Tierney-Bedord.


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