The Woman America Loves A Latte By Holly Tierney-Bedord – Review By Madison Degraffenreid

The Woman America Loves a LatteThe Woman America Loves a Latte by Holly Tierney-Bedord
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The Woman America Loves A Latte By Holly Tierney-Bedord


The Woman America Loves A Latte caught my eye first because of its title. I am a little bit of an addict when it comes to coffee. After starting this novel I realized that it was more than about coffee. Vee works for a company where she is the face of their brand. She is also hiding from her ex fiance. Her character changed and matured as the story progressed and I loved watching it happen. She was a beautiful soul to begin with but her eyes were opened after she realized Thunder, her ex, didn’t have her best interest in mind. I loved what she was able to accomplish and jealous of the new places she traveled to. I loved reading this book.

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