Abandoned by Love: Book 1 in the Shattered Hearts Duet by Aleya Michelle – Review by Jana Teppih

Abandoned by Love (Shattered Hearts Duet, #1)Abandoned by Love by Aleya Michelle
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Abandoned by Love is the opening to Aleya Michelle’s Shattered Hearts Duet. It will shatter your heart … it will leave you broken and crying and in the dark … it will make you understand how one moment in time, one simple decision, can change your life irrevocably … Abandoned by Love is the story of a life altering choice that changes the lives of everyone involved.
Jaxon Mayer and Emily Saunders are childhood sweethearts. They are insanely happy and have a bright future ahead of them. They seemed to be living a charmed life and then, one decision, rips their lives apart. I love how the story moves between past and present; I love how it is told from different point of views.
It is a story of how we deal with the life altering events. It is a test that shows us what we are made of and how we go towards our future from that point onward. We need to remember that Jaxon and Emily are young, very young and it is the first test that the life is throwing at them and the Shattered Hearts duet is their journey. I am looking forward to finding how where their journey will take them to!

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